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A vital part of Front crawl, and in fact all strokes, but how to do it? stroke length, and reach are the key to a fast swimming stroke..

Development of the 6 beat kick in Front-crawl is tricky, the kick is key to balance, and balance is key to power, we all want POWER, and Speed!

The kick done well, and then combined with good hip rotation brings speed and efficiency.

Too high and your legs may well Sink! so refine the position and level your stroke out.

Body alinement is king, balance in your stroke, and thats any stroke is important, very important.

Sometimes it's a good idea to SEE what you're doing when you're trying to master a skill, looking slightly forwards is the key- a training snorkel

Is your front crawl swimmer loping down the pool with a sluggish front end stroke?

As the swimmer develops the introduction of drills becomes key in development, the surge drill is basic but highly effective.