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The Breakout can be tricky to master on the Backstroke start or turn, however get it right and you can take a whole body length out of the swimmer next to you during a race.

The backstroke start is a tricky one, head and body position are key, and the correct entry into the water will allow for a smooth transition into the stroke.

Shoulder pop drill, or Log Roll, such an important body movement in Backstroke.

This part of any stroke is super important, and its no different on the backstroke, the hand position and entry into the water is key to hip position and power.

Catch of Stroke is King, feel and catch phase is king, but speed and position of hand enter backed up by a great under water phase..

Again such a basic kick/drill but Stream Line Positioning is highly important!

Is your head moving to much on your Backstroke? the head should really remain still during the backstroke, try a Cup on the head drill!

What is it!?