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 The Cornish Swim Academy Photography Service

Capture the moment with our professional photography & framing service.

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detailsCornish Swim Academy are proud to announce our photography service in assocation with KBrimson Photography. We all love to capture the images of our young ones in the heat of the action, but sometimes the camera on a smart phone just doesn't cut it.

Cornish Swim Academy has the professional to photograph you in the moment of the action in our endless pool, not only that, but you will then get the picture printed and framed ready to put onto the wall to take pride of place in the family home. 

When booked, our photographer will join us for your swim session and capture a variety of breath taking images that only an expert photographer can! After this you will then get to choose one from a selection of fantastic images of your swimmer, which will then be printed and framed for you in a frame of 20x16 inches.

To hire our photographer to join your session, please get in touch with us on 07704 737780, pricing starts at £55 for the session and a 20x16in framed photograph. Of course, this size is just a starting point as a suggestion, if you have a different size you would require or would like more than one image from your shoot, let us know and your package can be tailored accordingly!


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