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You will find many different and very cool Kids Swimming Activities relating to Swimming, these are outside of Swimming Improvement, but play an important roll in Swimming Enjoyment..

for kids

The Rookie Lifeguard Awards are for your children if they are budding lifeguards, the Lifeguard Awards are are also great for Cornish Kids that live near the Sea!

rookie lifeguard awards

Developed by the Royal Lifesaving Society UK in conjunction with the ASA, the Rookie Lifeguard Awards offer parents the comfort of knowing their children are aware of the dangers of swimming in open water.

The Bronze, Silver and Gold stage awards ensure children have a solid safety education, and have learned rescue and resuscitation techniques.

Each stage of the Rookie Lifeguard Awards is sub-divided into three levels and each stage runs roughly for eight to 10 weeks.Your children can enter a course at any point during the stage and progress at his or her own speed. The Rookie Lifeguards Award programme also comes with the Water Safety Award, the Life Support Award and the Achievement Awards.There are also other bolt-on awards that can be achieved, such as Snorkelling, Paddle Board and Beach Awards.

The ASA I Can Awards!

the asa i can awards

The ASA I Can Awards Scheme are excellent motivational rewards for children who are between stages or are nervous.We will roll out these great little incentives as we progress with our swim school developments, here at the Cornish Swim Academy.

Lucy and Sammy learn to swim story book!

lucy and sammy learn to swim asa

The perfect introduction for toddlers and young children to the learn to swim environment.
A very colourful, visual guide which takes a child through their first steps in getting ready for lessons and helps them understand what swimming lessons involve. At the back of the book parents can celebrate and monitor their child’s steps towards achieving those all-important first awards.

the asa flippin fun swimming course

Flip and Fun Dry land with the ASA is a totally new project, how ever, the basic priceable of Training on the land to improve swimming skills and performance has been around for years!