Welcome to the Cornish Swim Academy

Swiming lessons for childern in Bodmin - Newquay - St Austell 

Are your kids in need of swimming lesssons and live in St Austell = Bodmin = Newqauy = or St Austell !?

Here at the Cornish Swim Academy we have an amzing team of quilifided swimming teachers and coaches.. they are set and ready to give your little swimmers the best there is in the way of swimming lessons!

We have ASA acerdition, and Full IOS membership, and  also have a recognised standard of high quality swimming coaching , backed by a 7 lane pool, an Elite Endless Pool, and amazing learner pool...

We see swimmers from all over cornwall, we can teach butterfly - back stroke - breast stroke and front crawl - tumble turns - diving - swimming breakouts - ASA awards - sculling - swimming drills - advanced stroke improvement - and so many more skills...

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What are the fundamentals of swimming | and skills what should be learnt?

A Good body position is key, understanding buoyancy and general water confidance, moveing forwards from here comes a good understanding of propulstion, during our first steps into stroke development here at the Cornish Swim Academy we focus on building a swimming stroke foundation- once this is in place, we move forwards quickly!



Looking for good Swimming Lessons | Bodmin Or St Austel 

Are you looking for a good Swim School for your child?

Hows your children's swimming? are they at school and can't swim!? have they had a few swimming lessons and not progressed? or it maybe that your swim school can accommodate them at the times you require!?

We can help!, We are cornwall Leading Swim Lesson Provider, with a 3 swimming pool set up, huge learner pool, 7 Lane main pool, and Endless Pool Elite! we have a team of qualified swimming coaches ready to service ALL your swimming needs!

Swimmers can start from 3 yrs and progress up wards.. we run in line with the ASA and our lesson classes are medium and small in numbers!

If you live in Wad-bridge, Bodmin Or St Austell do consider us for Swimming lessons and expertise!  bookings now open!

And please below some of our amazing seating!!



100m ASA Badges Awarded!..100m Badge for Keria Power...Well done..


Stroke improvement week OCT 2016

Cornish swim academy are pleased to annouce a week of swimming stroke improvement, in acossiation with the Sir Ben Anslie Sports Center - Truro

The week will focus on ALL 4 swimming strokes, turns, starts and progressive swimming improvement, places will be limited so BOOK now!



Get a Super |Swim Fast Ergo | Swim Bench 

Are you a swimmer looking to imnprove your swim perfomance - but cant get to the pool as often as you like due to work commitments or a buys family life?

So what makes the Swim-Fast Swim Bench such a great training aid for swimmers? and why is it better than the others?

1. You can truly create amazing swim specific swim training sets, that really do build amazing strenght using high and low resistance levels..

2. Gives you total control to train when ever you like in all light conditions

3. Each movement will mirror swim specific movement, therfor you can utilise both high and low stroke rate

4. You can garentee equal resistance on both side of the stroke, balance is swimming is highly important, the Swim Fast will allow an extreamly well balanced swim work out.

5. The endurance gains are high with contructed swim sets that mirror the pool, swimming performance - speed and stroke rate can be monitired via the swim fast computer system!                    

We are pleased to announce that Oct Half Term we are running a week of swim tecnuique improvement, at the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Center in Turuo, Cornwall.

The Course will focus on ALL 4 Strokes, swimmers will have the opportunity to choose which days they prefer to attend.. just 1 or ALL 4!!

Bookings will soon be available, please contact the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre for more info.




World Champs Lifesaving Rescue- with funky music!

100 m Breaststroke Record -the moment the World Record 100m Breaststroke just when up a gear!! Go Team GB.

Learning and Improving Swimming OZ 


Swimming Beginners and Improvers in Newquay| Cornwall

We all know how important swimming is in cornwall, learning and imporving are important for so many reasons, but the main reason being _ we live by the sea!

Safety is super important but fine tuning skills and swimming strokes is right up there at the top.

Here is a list of Swimming Equipment you might expect to find in use from Beginner to PRO!

1. Arm Bands ( Swim Discs )

There are several swim discs avalible on the market, but all mainly do the same thing..a really good job at supporting the young swimmer.

Swimming discs are great in such a way that they are soft and can be removed in sections, as the swimmer improves.

2.Inflatable Arm Bands

These are by far the most reconised swimming arm bands on the market, they offer a perfect fit but can make the childs arms a little sore somtimes.

3.The Swim Woggle

A very simple swim aid, perfect for learning to swim, at any age.. these tube like floats offer great support, they have a tight fit around the body if used properly, they offer great support!

4.The Swim kick board.

These come in many sizes, these allow the swimmer to reach and support the body during the learning process

5.Swim Training Fins.

The Swim Training fin is perfect for any age, the fin or swimmingh flipper offers additional support while kicking, they can be used by very young swimmers all way through to advanced and world class!

6. Egg Flips.

Small plastic have rounded half balls, made by Zoggs, these offer a great little way of getting small learning to blow and place the face near the water!






Well done Micheal on your silver medal at the The PL Summer Level 3 LC Meet 22nd, 23rd and 24th July in the boys 200m Free, A regular on our Endless Pool Swim Tec Program!

If your a Cornish Club Swimmer looking for improvments in your swimming drop us a line or give us a call

Adult Learn to Swim in Newquay Cornwall

Are you an adult non swimmer? did you miss the learn to swim boat when you where a child? if so dont worrie! help is to hand, its never to late to learn to swim, and here at the Cornish Swim Academy we would be happy to help!

Any age or ability welcome, its never too late.. and with our Endless Pool there is an opertunity to learn in total privacy - if your really nervous one of our swim coaches will teach in the water with you:


Here at the Cornish Swim Academy we use the ASA Adult Swimming Framework which is about improving your confidence, competence and technique with no age limit!

Not everyone is able to reach their potential during their school years, and very often manay adults do miss out on the chance to learn to swim..

And So..the ASA has revealed that one in five adults is unable to swim!, which shows a need for adult swimming lessons which cater to the needs of older swimmers, is this you?

The ASA Adult Swimming Framework understands that adults have very different needs to children when learning to swim.

Adults have different motivations, learn in different ways and have completely different needs to children learning to swim.

For more info on Adult learn to swim please contact us! Click HERE

And for more info in general see what the ASA have to say! Click HERE

We are super stoked to have on board here at the Cornish Swim Academy the amazing Swim Fast Ergo Swim Bench  this amazing Swim Bench is in a league of its own..

Specific swim-action strength building at high and low resistance levels.

Conditioning for swim training at both high and low stroke rates.

The ability to train in all light conditions, and levels.

Guaranteed equal resistance on each side, 50\% power so ensuring a symmetrical balanced workout, every time..

IT can isolate torso and upper body work, creating specific strength and endurance gains.

Maximise Swim Performance, speed, stroke rate and work output are computer monitored.

Technique refinement and enhancement together with the option to use the Halo Swim System to ensure correct technique replication and improvement.




If you live in Cornwall your never to far away from the Sea, or Open Water, dangers are all around, having good understanding of water safety is parmount for all,check out what the ASA have to say..

If you're looking for Swimming lessons we are launching our brand new swim school - Sept 21st, we are looking for additional members of the team, are you a swimming teacher looking for work? if so drop us a line for more info!

If you're interested in swimming lessons sooner - why not try one of our Private Swimming lessons, these can be one child, or up to 4, standards must be similar, 30 -45-60 minute lessons are available, these can be a great way to improve swimming skills over the summer! 

Interested in Triathlon ?


Cornish Swim Academy
Newquay View Resort
Trevelgue Road, Porth, Newquay, Cornwall,

Sessions will begin Sept 2016

Saturday Mornings

The Age limit will be 7 yrs- 16 yrs
High Quality Coaching
Swim Technique improvement and basic training principles
Running Training + basic to Advanced
Cycle Track Runs

More info to follow, but if you wish to make an inquiry please email us below..

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There are many advanced exercises you can do using your Indo Board Original Training Package, Perfect for swimming fitness, strength, dives, breakouts .and more..

The Indo Original Training Package has three pieces which include the Indo Original deck with is 30" x 18 ", the Indo Original roller, which is 6.5" in diameter and finally the 14" inflatable IndoFLO cushion.

The Indo Original Training Package is essentially as an in-home mini gym. Indo Board planks and Indo Board pushups can be done using either the Indo Original roller or the IndoFLO cushion under the deck.

​Other variations of planks and pushups are to offset the deck to one side of the roller or rolling the Indo Original deck from side to side to create more instability or to focus the work on one side of your body.

Learn to swim in Newquay with us, we have an extensive program of swimming lessons to suit all levels.., 3-4yrs and up wards, if your child is new to swimming don’t worry, we have swim teachers are in the water, with expertise and skill they will ease your swimmer in slowly with fun in mind! Water skills at this age play a important part in swimming development, even basic bubble blowing play an important part for development, floating, jumping in, diving user the water for basic toys, can develop the young swimmer quickly!

For the more advanced swimming lesson and swimmer