Welcome to the Cornish Swim Academy

The Essential Top Triathlon Gear

So, its your first triathlon in Cornwall,you will need some equipment, dont worry it shouldent need to be exspensive!

A swim suit, and good pair of swim goggles that dont leak,and posibly polorised to keep the sun out of your eyes!

A good swim cap for training is quite important

Your bike should really fit you, and certainly in good working order, this could be a road race bike, a good hybrid bike would work well also..

Its really going to be best to get a pair of cycling shorts, and these can also be worn for swim training also..

A Tri Suit is a must if your competeing out side, they will also help with floatation, so if your kicking is not great they can really help!

Cycling shoes are not totally required

A basicwater bottle will also be highly important, with possibly some energy gels


We will soon launch our swim challenge awards starting with Click here for more info : BRONZE!

The sections to complete will come in to parts:  

Section A

Jump into the deep end of the pool: 

Then Swim 10m quickly followed by a surface dive ( dive under the water ) at least head high: then swim for 5m + staying under the water.

From here tread water in a vertical position for 3 minutes:

Then Scull head first on your back for a further 15m with your feet near the surface.. 

Once you have completed this section move on to 400m using 2 different strokes:

Then simply climb out!


      Events for the 2017 Triathlon Season | Cornwall

      Swimming coaching in cornwall is on offer with us, to prepare your swim skills for the 2017 Triathlon season:

      We are offering 121 - private - small group sessions:

      If your looking to improve your swimming fitness, improve your swim times, get up the national rankings, or simply improve your cornish swim times, drop us a line!

      We also offer help with open water swimming training, we take you out into the open water and help with open water understanding..

      Drop us a line for any free advice!

      Private swimming lessons 121

      Learning to swim at any age is a tuff order, humans arent really designed to swim, 4 thin limbs, and not much on the way of under water dynamics!

      This being said, we can swim and swim well.. so its definatly worth learning, any age from as early as possible, but.. if youve missed your boat a little and your now an adult but cant swim, here at the Cornish Swim Academy we can help! 

      We have highly skilled staff that will take you through the learn to swim step by step process, we have a 7 lane pool to hand but also for privacy an endless pool elite, 32 degrees of water means that you can learn in lovely warm water,   confidant that your in safe hands!

      We also offer 121 swimming lessons for 3yrs and upwards, so why not drop us a line!

      Private swimming lessons and coaching | Cornwall

      Here is Cornwall we are now going into winter, dark months, very cold, so not much surf lifesaving activity, surf lifesaving heads for the pool in preperation for the still water championships.

      During this time training is via the main swimming pools, swimming training and nipper board training, also work on general fintess..

      We offer private 121 swimming coaching for all swimmers, this maybe that you require swimming lessons or beginners swimming coach up to advanced..

      We offer basic to advanced swimming training programs, these can be created by our small team of swimming coaches in house, the programs are put together with a full back up service which will be - contact any day any time for extra free advice...

      Back into swimming 2017, Cornwall.

      Looking to get fit for swimming in cornwall, during 2017? if so how about some private 121 swimmimng coaching, here at cornish swim we offer 121 swimming coaching, any age and any standard!!

      It maybe that your entering a swimming open water event, or surf lifesaving event, it maybe that you have an age group swimmer in the family!? we have a 7 lane pool, and an endless pool elite..!

      We offer stroke improvement for all strokes, we have 45 years experinced combined in swimming coaching! 

      Also we have our after school swim lesson program, open to 3 years and up wards, these lessons are 30 mins long, and run for 12 weeks at a term, for more info drop us a line today!


      Booking your Swimming Lessons | New Term 2017 Cornwall

      Here at Cornish Swim Academy we are looking forwards to our new Swim School Lesson Term which will start in 2017, we will run swimming lessons for children 3yrs and upwards, covering the ASA Awards Scheme.

      The ASA Program allows young swimmers to develop fully into well rounded swimmers, with focus on developing all the swimming strokes, water skills are highly important to develop also.

      Here in Newquay where we are based we are lucky to have a 7 lane swimming pool: this is backed up by a fantastic learner pool with amazing viewing and seating areas - perfect for watching the lesson.

      2017 will also see the start of our Run - Sun Bi Athlon club, we are very excited to be starting this club, ages between 9 - 14 skill development for swimming and running training on the same day after the swimming training, 50 minute sessions, with a 10-15 break in-between each session: bookings are now taking place:

      Aside from our learn to swim school and Bi Athlon Club we are in a position to offer Private 121 swimming lessons, for ALL ages, we also have a great ability to offer swimming coaching for ALL swimmers, Tri Athletes and surf lifesaving participants : Age group swimmers in cornwall are also welcome for stroke correction and improveme

      Cornwalls Cornish Swim Academy  Run - Swim Coaching 

      We currently have a small group training for Bi athlon training, if your interested in 121 run/swim coaching or small group sessions, please drop us a line..!

      Whats Biathlon!?

      Bi-athlon the term , is basically a multi sport event, for example, Skiing and then target shooting, all in one race..

      The most well know Bi-athlon sport know in the swimming world is the Run and Swim event, with many events taking part in the UK, and fully supported by Pentathlon GB The aim is to encourage participants into Pentathlon, however many Bi-athlon competitors do migrate into Triathlon so Bi-athlon events are a great way for young athletes to get into try and multi sport events!

      Every year there is the British Modern Biathlon series of competitions perfect to aim for if you any age and wish to get started in this fast multi-discipline sporting event and environment, there is a full program of ages with the distances depending on the age: 

      For more info on booking a place drop us a line for more info!




      Swimming Required for Surf Lifesaving Club

      Swimming plays a major roll in surf lifesaving, in the sea or in the pool, its the number 1 key element! so improving swimming or in fact learning to swim is super important!

      If your interested in joing a Surf Lifesaving Club there are some key requirements, even if your as young as 8 yrs which is when most surf lifesaving clubs take young memebrs on, this can varity and sometimes, it can be 9 or even 10 years, but one thing is clear, a minum requirment is needed suh as swimming 25m, and very often 50m with relitive ease and confidance.

      At Cornish Swim Academy we can assit in the learning program, we have a fantasic learn to swim program, and this is backed up by our 121 private lesson program, and stoke improvement group sessions.

      There are many clubs on the north coast of Cornwall that have a winter pool training and still water fixtures, along with the beach competitions come the spring and summer, some of the North Coast Surf lifsaving clubs are listed below, just click on them to link to there web sites!

      Crantock Surf Lifesaving Club

      Harlyn Surf Lifesaving Club

      Holywellbay Surf Lifesaving Club

      Newqauy Surf Lifesaving Club

      Lusty Surf Lifesaving Club

      Water gate Bay Surf Lifesaving Club

      And if yourt interested in joining a Surf Lifesaving Club in your area try contacting Surf Lifesaving GB HERE



      Booking your 2017 - March Swim School Term | Cornwall

      Here at our Learn to swim academy we have had a great response to our new swim school, currently, places are still available up until Christmas.

      Our new term will soon be available to book, stay tuned to book in for swimming lessons from 3yrs up wards!

      Learn to Swim Adult Lessons in Cornwall

      Are you an Adult and would like to improve your swimming? The years have pasted and you still have no skills that will allow you to swim? would you like to learn to swim with a highly experienced swimming teacher and coach?

      Learning to swim is difficult , sometimes a little embarrassing, but we can allow you to build confidence - We have an Endless Pool Elite  to hand with warm water, tucked away out of sight at the top end of our main pool:

      For more info drop us a line at Cornish Swim  for a Private Lesson.


      Looking for good swimming lessons in Cornwall

      Swimming is an important part of lifestyle for many childern in Cornwall, Surf Lifesaving Clubs have popped up all over Cornwall over the years and are extreamly popular, another very popular swimming pass time here in Cornwall is competitive swimming.

      Is your child taking part in swimming Lessons? are they even able to swim? many childern dispite the swimming activitys here in Cornwall can not swim, which is not only dangerous as we live so close to so much water, but it also means your child will miss out on an amazing pass time, and fun activity. Here at Cornish Swim Academy we care about childerens swimming, and we have a deadicated swim teaching structure for all levels of ability, from 3yrs and up wards, following the ASA awards scheme.


      Places still remain for our swim school, Newqauy 

      Only a few months remain before Christmas, but we still do ahve places o our learn to swim program, based here in Newqauy.

      We offer swimming lessons from 2-3 yrs and up wards, and with our swimming teachers in the water from such a young age its always best! our swimming lessons are from a young age but we do offer Full swimming lessons for all swimmers and abilitys;

      Are you happy with you current swimming lessons? and swim school? are you kean to see your young children develop swimming skills that will keep them safe in the water? Cornish Swim Acdemy offer lessons that develp all skills for the pool and sea!

      Our new swim school term will start after christmas, however we do currently have lessons avalible for ALL ages! drop us a line for more info!

      Are your children safe around water- in Cornwall

      Here in Cornwall we are surrounded by water! lakes, rivers and the sea! are your children safe, and able to swim!? are you happy with the swimming ability they have?

      The very latest up to date research on swimming has shown that 45-50% of all children leave primary school can not swim!

      Here at the cornish swim academy we take swimmers from as young as 2! get in the water with them, and start the learn to swim process keeping them safe here in cornwall!

      How far can you swim!?

      Coming soon here at cornish swim academy will be our very first distance awards day!

      You will have the opertunity to swim as far as you can, and achieve an ASA award, in the form of a badge and certificate:

      Swimmers have an opportunity to take part in many types of distance swimming - from simply swimming a choice stroke or using a specific strokes to achieve the distance!

      More info coming soon!



      Looking for a web development company in cornwall?

      Are you looking for a new website? it maybe for a number of reasons? are you a company based in Cornwall? it maybe you need a Cornish Website Company! Try http://www.tlcwebdesign.co.uk they really do care!

      Looking for Adult Swimming Lessons in Cornwall?

      It's never too late to learn to swim, many adults go through their whole life not being able to swim, it's never too late and at the Cornish Swim Academy we understand it's never easy: but it can be done.

      We offer a full range of private adult swimming lessons, often with no body else around, and in peace and quite: we have a large 7 lane swimming pool, or you can take comfort in our fantastic Endless Pool Elite, warm water and totally exclusive, allowing you to feel comfortable and progress quickly.

      Starting with water confidence skills that allow you to feel at ease in the water, we then would progress onto general swimming propulsion, very often we use small swim training fins, these allow the swimmer to progress quickly with full enjoyment along the way.


      From water confidence skills such as floating, getting head down under the water, and pushing and gilding, we would progress onto movement using legs and arms, we have a selected system of lesson movements that will progress even the most nervous of swimmers into enjoyment and progression!

      For more info on Adult Swimming Lessons drop us here at the Cornish Swim Academy!

      Please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

      Our "New Swim School" is up and running!

      We are quickly moving into our 3rd week of our Swimming term: and places are still available across 3 days during the week:

      The general feed back so far has been amazing, thanks everybody for your kind words, so far the general feed back has been that teaching standards have been outstanding, this has been backed up by very small groups:

      The warm water in our learner pool has defiantly helped the children ease into the lessons: and our very own Endless Pool Elite has gone down with amazing reviews! kids love it and as a Coaching and Teaching facility its just fantastic!

      Free parking just feet away from the pool entrance simply means that its just so simple to pull up, unload and whizz in for your lesson!

      And with so much seating and viewing area available, relaxing and enjoying your children's swimming lessons, has never been so much more enjoyable!



      Have a shot of your Swimmer!

      Wow - we now have in house, our very own Under Water Photography Expert! amazing shots of any swimmer that will last a life time!