Welcome to the Cornish Swim Academy

Here at the Cornish Swim Academy, the aim is developing swimming excellence, to the highest possible standard. All our teachers are highly experienced and qualified swimming teachers.

And with our Expert use of the Endless Pool Elite, we truly have a fantastic facility to develop ALL Swimming skills at any age, any standard.

Our Aims and Objectives

At the Cornish Swim Academy, we strive to perfect and improve all aspects of your swimming ability;

For beginners, it is getting into the water, gaining confidence and getting to grips with basics of all aspects of swimming. JOIN OUR AFTER SCHOOL- SWIM LESSON PROGRAM 

For intermediates, Progression and development! PRIVATE LESSONS AVAiLABLE OR JOIN OUR SWIM SCHOOL PROGRAM.

For advanced swimmers, it is perfecting your swim technique, preparing you for competitions and helping you take that next step to becoming an elite swimmer.

Our Swim Coaching Team are here to help, and all teachers and coaches are fully qualified. We are happy to discuss any aspect of your swimming or our swim program with you in person, at a convenient time.


the asa

We are Running in line with the ASA ( Amateur Swimming Association )

The Amateur Swimming Association's aim of encouraging more people to swim – and have fun swimming more often – starts with creating a magic ‘first’ moment. The ASA operates a world renowned Learn to Swim award scheme based on the ASA Learn to Swim Pathway, a programme the ASA has developed to take children through from their first splash to full competence in the water.

We have lessons catered to all swimming abilities using the ASA International Learn to Swim Programme.
Our doors are open to all those that want to improve their swimming ability, we can offer personal swim coaching with our Endless Pool, if perhaps you do not wish to learn with others or would like a 1 to 1 service, or you can pair up with a friend.

With close to 2 million certificates and badges issued to children all over the world last year alone, the ASA Awards Scheme continues to be by far the most successful ever in British Sport.
Swimming is the number one participation sport, with over 20m people swimming every year, but the ASA is dedicated to giving more people, more opportunities to swim for health and for fun.

The ASA is not a provider of swimming facilities, therefore it acts as a catalyst and facilitator to ensure suitable facilities, with appropriate access and programmes, are provided to meet the needs of the community and aquatic clubs.

the asa ducklings award

ASA Duckling Awards

Duckling Awards are the next step on from the Discovery Duckling Awards.
They are designed to help toddlers enjoy learning to swim with help from their parents or guardians.
With Duckling Awards your child can work towards four different colourful awards. Each award has its own certificate, badge and sticker.

Duckling 1 will see children start to move by themselves in the water.

By Duckling 4 they will be jumping in, going underwater, floating and swimming five metres without support.

Examples of 1st Awards

Duckling 1

By the end of this stage your child will be able to:

  1. Make a supervised safe entry with adult support if required
  2. Float on back with adult support behind the head without any aids
  3. Blow bubbles at the water surface
  4. Wet the head without submersion
  5. Kick five metres on back with adult support
  6. Travel without assistance five metres to a floating object
  7. Enter the pool, rotate and return to the side with adult support
  8. Exit the water safely with minimal adult support​


learn to swim award

All ASA Learn to Swim Awards

The ASA Learn to Swim Awards 1-7 are divided into progressive stages. They make up the core, national syllabus of learning to swim for primary school aged children.
They are designed to reward your child for their development of the essential aquatic skills they need to be confident, competent and safe in the water.

Each of the ASA Learn to Swim Awards 1-7 stages has a list of clear outcomes that need to be completed in order to gain each award.

The importance of learning to swim in Cornwall

The Top Reasons why your child learns to swim are very varied---Giving your child a chance to learn to swim is a must..
Top reason being that one day it could save your child's life, and drowning is still one of the top and most common reasons of accidental death in children in the UK, swimming really is an essential life - saving skill!

Learn to swim reasons

Swimming really is lots of FUN, for many people of ALL ages,swimming also provides many health benefits too,swimming keeps the heart and lungs healthy,and swimming is a sport anybody can take part in.. child via swimming will make many friends through swimming!

A few sports your child can only do if they can swim

  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Scuba diving
  • Surfing
  • Wind Surfing
  • Triathlon
  • Yachting
  • Open Water Swimming

​And many more!

Good Swimming Lesson ASA Learn to Swim